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Started life as a Continental Oil (Conoco) refinery fire truck in Ponca City OK

The truck will be placed on a 1970 Olds Toronado frame, I hope to be able to adapt a 392 Hemi to the Olds transaxel. I'm also fabricating a tool box to go behind the cab using the pieces of a standard 1950 Dodge truck.

I sectioned down the right door from the 1/2 ton truck to make a side door for the tool box.

I then built a frame for the toolbox , out of 2.5" round thin wall tubing, 1' square, and 1" round tubing.

The left side is skinned with the upper portion of the donor truck left door skin. The lower portion is fabricated from 18 gauge cold rolled.

The front of the toolbox is skinned with a section of the back panel from a donor truck. The lower center, and lower corners were fabricated from 18 gauge flat stock.

The lid for the toolbox is mocked up, using the rear section of 2 roof skins from the donor trucks. The joints will be cut and butt welded once the final dimensions are confirmed. The lid will lift on a set of modified hood hinges. The top of the lower box will be sinned with 18 gauge, and have cutouts for tools and tailor tiedowns.

I placed the box on stands behind the cab, to start fabricating the skirts to match the one on the cab

The lid is all sectioned, welded, and roughed out on the metal finishing.

Some structure was tacked in to the dome for the hood hinges to attach to.

I still have to add a bead around the edge of the lid.I also need to install close out panels, on the lid  and base, to finish up the loose ends.

My 1968 AMXs engine

I've started the mockup phase on a Hilborn stack type injection manifold for my 1968 AMX ( the red, white, & blue car on the home page). I'm working with a local machinist to build a valley plate for the manifold, since the original was lost prior to me purchasing it a few years back.

The story on EBAY was that the manifold came from the shop that built the engines for AMCs Indy program in the 70s. The manifold does have o-rings on the billet adapters on top of the stacks, for a boosted application.

When the valley plate is built, the injectors will be converted to electronic injectors and the rest of the motor will be built around the manifolds capabilities.

1969 AMX

Had to modify the trans tunnel to clear a TKO 5 speed trans. The tunnel had to be raised approximately 1 inch to clear the larger transmission.

The J shaped cuts to the fire wall were filled with patches, and a custom panel was built to taper the raised tunnel down to the original height behind the seat support crossmember.

The front side of the seat crossmember was modified to support the new tunnel.

After all of the welds were ground and detailed, the modification is nearly invisible.

The engine bay was stripped to bare metal and every unnecessary hole was welded closed.

The engine bay and radiator support were pained red to go with the AMX SS red, white and blue paint design.

The cowl vent is always a troublesome area, you can't reach up into the plenum to prep it. Since the customer isn't going to run a factory heater box, the air flow is no necessary.

A custom panel was fabricated from 18 gauge steel.

The vent area was cut out and the new part was butt welded into the cowl and metal finished.

The cowl was placed under prime, when the engine bay was painted.

The Hooker Super Competition headers hang very low on the right side. So I cut the collector off, and reorient the tubes, into a single row picking up almost 2 inches of ground clearance.

After the tubes are all lined up, a custom oval collector is fabricated for the header.

After the modification the tube lengths are kept within an inch +/-.

The inside tube on the passangers side, has to be snaked around the started bulge on the bellhousing. The reducers for the headers goes from 3 1/2" oval ( Spin Tech ) tubing to 3" round. The headers will be sent out for ceramic coating, after O2 bungs are welded in.

Finished headers

Mock up of the oversized Aerospace Components brake kit. The kit has a 13" rotor on a billet hub and billet 4 piston calipers.

The engine is a 401 with a fully polished Edelbrock cross ram with twin FAST EZ-EFI throttle bodies. The power steering pump is a current era GM pump with a Street & Performance polished reservoir on a custom mount.

The 401 is finished with a number of polished custom parts. The valve covers are reproductions of the ones AMC used in their Indy program in the 70's. With the crossram there is no PCV hole, so I installed the Edelbrock breathers on the valve covers, concealing a PCV in the breather on the right valve cover.

The breathers are baffeled with a machined plate on the inside, and small holes in the cover, along with a mesh type material in the stack. The right stack has a plate welded in it, with a grommet for the PCV  to fit into, and a notch in the side for the hose to attach. The covers were machined smooth and sent out for polishing.