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Doug's 1969 Chevelle

This car required replacing both 1/4 panels and outer wheel houses, the rear package panel, the left door shell, and sections of both front fender. Doug chose, 2012 GM Torch Red with a satin black lower 2 tone. All of the stainless was straightened and polish. The bumpers, pot metal trim, and anodized trim were purchased from OPGI. Along with the grill, emblems, light bezels, and lenses.  A new vinyl top was installed by Auto Weave Upholstery, to complete the project.

Don's 1974 Javelin AMX

This is how the car looked on arrival. The car was hit from the rear at a stop light, pushing it into the car in front.

The damages were repaired, the drivetrain was rebuilt, and the front suspension was completely rebuilt and detailed. The color was also amped up with modern pearls, and the factory decals were duplicated in paint and buried under the clear coat.

The factory stripe on the hood had a fading strobe effect that required laying over 200 1/16 th inch stripes 5/32 th apart over a length of 48 inches. The silver was then fogged in and the hood was cleared. Then it was wet sanded with 800 grit, and the Wild Plum was added, then cleared again, and polished to a glass smooth surface.


Dennis's 1968 GTO painted in 2000 sold at Barrett Jackson in 2006

1968 GTO 77,000 mile original Colorado car. Complete strip and repaint

John's Mini painted in 1999

1976 Austin Mini Cooper Canadian import lefthand drive. Bottom up restoration, 1380 cc, with side draft Weber


My 1969 AMX painted in 1991

1969 AMX Complete ground up restoration, car was painted in 1991, and I continue to tweak it with upgrades. The AMX has a modified 390 backed by a TKO 5 speed. Along with a custom carbon fiber cluster and crash pad.


My 1971 240Z  painted in 2004

1971 240z complete bottom up custom restoration. The car will be powered by a Ford 302 with a world T5, the rear end will be a Ford 8.8 LSD independent center section with custom CV shafts built by Mark Williams.

The color is a custom mix by Frank Faliano @ Denver Car Color Chubby Orange

The Z has new 1/4s, wheel houses, rockers, floors, and OEM Nissan fenders. Along with a modified ground effects kit.

The rear wing is hand fabricated Carbon Fiber, along with custom one off Carbon Fiber tail lights. The rear bumper was extended down to conseal the custom tailpipe exiting in the center.

The 240Z emblems were dropped and replaced with a modified 350Z emblem, tweaked to 500Z since the car will be running a 302 Ford.

Denny's 1967 Camaro painted in 2005

1967 Camaro complete body and paint owner Dennis Johnson, handled mechanicals and re-assembling.

this was another custom color by Denver Car Color Intense Orange

Joyce's 1956 Dodge was painted in 2007

1956 Dodge Royal Lancer 4 door hard top. Complete strip and repaint, stainless trim restoration and engine bay detail.

The engine was detailed in place. The fire wall was stripped and repainted due to a leaking master cylinder. The left fender splash had some rust under the battery mount, that was cut out and patch panels fabricated and welded in. The radiator support and both splashshields were media blasted and refinished with an industrial satin black.

The entire car was stripped to bare metal. All old body filler was removed, and the damage was metal finished.

This car has been in the same family's hands since new. The only rust I found in the car was under the battery, and in front of both rear wheels where the 1/4 overlaps the rocker. Patch panels were fabricated and welded in.

Right side 1/4 and rocker joint. The rocker was prepped and POR15 was applied before the new panel was installed.

The new patch was fabricated out of 16 gauge steel.

The only trim with significant damage was the stone shield on the passangers side. With a few hours of work.

I was able to ding out the damage, and metal finish the shield. With a little move time spent on the buffer the piece was able to be reused.

Don's Hornet was painted in 2007

1973 AMC Hornet Complete strip and painted.

Andy's 1970 AMX was finished in 2008

1970 AMX Rebuilt engine, and complete undercarage restoration.

New Technology Stingrays Corvette was finished in Jan. 2010

The first handfull of photos were provided by NTStingrays.com and were taken by Carey Dietz. The color on his shots are very true to the color of the car, my camera was never able to catch the true color. THIS CAR IS FOR SALE contacts can be made @ ntsstingrays.com

1967 Corvette coupe clone. With SRIII tube chassis, C4, C5 suspension LS1, 6 speed. Complete top to bottom. This car is also finished with a custom color from Denver Car Color. 

Charley's 1969 AMX was finished in 2006

1969 AMX 5,300 Original mile car. The car was stored in the Michigan, Wisconsin area its entire life causing the drive train and suspension part to coat with rust. We performed a complete undercarrage and engine bay restoration. Photo below is a before view


After, engine was remover, the bay was taken down to bare metal, the engine and every parts was cleaned, and detailed. The same was done with every piece of the undercarrage.


The right fender apron had been sprayed with batter acid, when a battery was over charged at some point.

The entire engine bay was stripped to bare metal and  any surface rust was treated. The bay was then etch primed and sealed.

The bay was painted was a custom matched single stage urethane finish.

This shows the damage done by the humidity and the fact AMC didn't put a whole lot of paint on the engines in the day.

The engine was stripped of the remaining paint and detailed with wire brushes, prepping it for new paint.

You can see, all the factory marking on the crank and rods are intact and bright. The cross hatch on the cylinder walls was perfect, showing this car was a true 5,000 mile surviver.

This shows the engine with all its accessories detailed before it was placed back in the car. A set of NOS valve covers were installed once it was in the car.

Dick's Harley Davidson tins. Painted in 2009

1st set of flames in charcoal over silver base, cleared, then wet sanded.

House of Color candy blue over base, was cleared, the wet sanded.

2nd set of silver flames over candy. Then everything was sanded and polish to a glass smooth finish.

L. A. York's 1964 Falcon Sprint Convertible Finished November 2010

This car was built up from a carcass pulled from a barn with no motor or transmission. The current drive train is an injected 302 from a 1993 Thunderbird along with the AOD trans. The rear end is a Ford 9" from a Lincoln Versailles, and front brakes from a Granada giving the car 4 wheel disc brakes. The interior and top were upholstered by Auto Weave in Lakewood CO. The dash was customized with built in A/C registers, gauges and glove box door from a 1965 Mustang with carbon fiber inlay, and a custom fabricated carbon fiber heater control and top switch panel to finish off the dash. The body had all its molding holes welded closed, the door and trunk locks were shaved, and the bumpers were narrowed and pulled tight to the body, for a smoother appearance. The 1/4 panels and outer wheel houses were replaced due to rust. The entire car was painted with custom mixed colors, mixed by Frank Faliano @ Denver Car Color.