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2 1/16 gauge mount. Built from a 2 3/4 " fabricated carbon fiber egg.

Gauge mounting cup for 2 1/16 gauges. I've set up the ability to reproduce this part. It is available through Golden Rodtronics, www.rodtronics.com or direct from Laun's Toy Shop. The cup will accept any 2 1/16th electric gauge, water temp, tach, clock, oil pressure, or any other gauge you choose.  The cup with base,LED light, and hardware, runs $290.00, most gauges range from $60 to $130. 

Auto Meter Pro -Comp Ultra Lite clock 

Auto Meter Arctic White Tachometer     There is also a photo of a black face tach lower down this page mounted to the dash of the 64 Falcon. That one was the first built, it has a slightly larger diameter egg, than this set up.         

The cup mount is a 7/16 threaded tube for any wires to pass through. The gauge is held into the cup with a custom mounting bracket that a #8-32 polished button head allen theads into through the back of the cup. The base is a carbon fiber tube with a wall thickness of aprox. .040, that can be easily be shaped to fit the surface it will be mounted to.

I have also tweaked the carbon fiber eggs into lamps, for use as tail lamps, running lamps, or signal lamps, on hot rods and/or bikes.

The lens and bezel were custom made for this example. A super bright red LED was mounted inside the egg.

The LED can be wired to operate the same as a dual filament bulb (1157).

The second example has a frenched type bezel, and the mounting point is more toward the rear of the egg. This allowed a lens to be cut into the bottom too cast light down on to a license plate. This lamp has a red lens and a white LED.

The white LED can run the same 1157 wiring.

1969 AMX windshield wiper motor restoration

Original motor pre clean-up.

Motor was blasted with walnut shell,disassembled, inspected, and  re-wired. The mounting plate was wrapped with two layers of carbon fiber and epoxy, and vacuum bagged. A sleeve was laid up with two layers of carbon fiber and machined to slide over the motor with a friction fit. The pieces were painted with a Dupont automotive clear and polished. The motor assembly was painted with a charcoal metallic, and cleared.

Center console for 1969 AMX with 5 speed transmission

A custom fabricated recess and aluminum finish plate was made for the shifter location, along with a custom leather boot. Custom aluminum bezels were fabricated for the seat heater switches to finish the console.

The panted stripe, cleans up the joint where the two layers of carbon fiber creates the V design, down the center.

The inside of the console was coated with DonJer Suede Tex, suede fiber, to finish it. All of the hardware was Scotch-Brited to a brushed finish.

The radio mounting pod, was wrapped with carbon fiber, and the ashtray was removed, and replaced with a Ipod cable.

The door panels consist of custom carbon fiber upper caps, and fabricated  carbon fiber armrests. The lower panels will be bead rolled brushed stainless steel, mimicking the factory design, with a carbon inlay where the factory had a wood insert.

This was the first part that I fabricated with carbon fiber. The instrument panel is in my 1969 AMX.

The second piece was a crash pad for the right side of the dash.

The tail lights and the rear wing were fabricated from carbon fiber for this 240Z. The wing was first fabricated in Balsa wood as you would build a wing for a model airplane them wrapped with carbon fiber.

This is a carbon fiber wrapped dash for the 240Z.

This is the modified center console to the Z also wrapped in carbon fiber.

The tachometer mount was fabricated from a Styrofoam egg wrapped with a carbon fiber sleeve and the base was done the same way from a reshaped cone. The heater and top switch are mounted in another fabricated piece. The glovebox and cluster have simple inlay of carbon fiber.

This is a second style of instrument panel for a 1969 AMX. This one is more like the factory cluster, in where the gauges are located.

1969 AMX dash with the gauges mounted and wired ready to go in the car.

The car that the second panel is going in, has no A/C so the center panel is open for the other gauges. This piece is solid carbon fiber, but I had planned to paint the face in a semi-gloss charcoal, leaving just the tubes carbon fiber.

This is the center panel for the red, white, & blue 69 AMX that is in the shop. It will house Auto Meter  2 5/8 Ultra-Lite, oil pressure, water temp, & fuel level gauges.

This is a carbon fiber wrapped upper radiator hose for a 1969  AMX. The customer didn't want a black rubber hose, so we'll see how this works. It does look good I'm just not sure how it will hold up.

This is a AMC Gremlin cluster done for Golden Rodtronics, Dave installed Autometer white face gauges into it.

The Corvette has a custom fabricated cold air tube, and a carbon fiber fan shroud with twin 11" fans.

The Falcon has a carbon fiber cold air intake, and a carbon fiber plate on the intake plenum.

This is a piece I'm playing with that has no car attached to it yet. It is a small bullet type side view mirror. It has a 2.5" convex lens.

The mirror swivels for adjustments at the seam you can see near my thumb. The main body is cast from carbon fiber sleeve pulled over an egg shaped buck. While the second piece is sleeve pulled over a round buck.There is a nut glued into the egg and a bolt and fender washer behind the lens allowes the head to swivel. I'm also building a 4" and a custom base to fit my 1969 AMX.

The base is a prototype, I will make a mold from it, then the duplicate will be cast or wrapped in carbon fiber. The base is made to fit an AMC gasket that is reproduced.