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The only significant rust was in the floor behind the pasangers seat.

A patch was fabricated and welded in to repair the damage.

Started with a nearly rust free 1962 Rambler American. We stripped it to bare metal, fixed what little damage it had. Welded some of the factory panel seems closed, removed the front license plate pillar from the front valance, and placed the body under a epoxy primer.

We changed out the Rambler tail light for a 1950 Pontiac lamp. I also was not happy with the fuel filler location, on the left quarter panel, so a custom mechanism was fabricated. The hinge pops the tail light strait out, them rotates clock wise, and has a stop to hold it at nine o'clock to expose the gas cap. The gas cap is a custom motor cycle cap. The hinge is released by a spring loaded latch released from inside the trunk.

We removed the factory front suspension and fabricated a custom double A arm, with an adjustable coilover setup in its place. The outer spindle is a Willwood Mustang II spindle with a set of four piston calipers.The steering is a Mustang II manual rack & pinion and tilt column from Flaming River .The rear axle was replaced with a Ford 8" from a Maverick with a 3.55 posi, and late model Ford disc with the drum type e-brake in the rotor. e wheel  The wheels are 17x7 and 17x 8 Foose Legend Chrome with 215 45 ZR 17 and 255 45 ZR 17 Falken FK452.

The rear end was moved back 2" to center the wheel in the wheel opening. Rambler had jambed the rear axle forward to put the spare tire in the trunk, giving the rear a strange look.

The old flat head six, was replaced with a Ford 2.3 liter turbo motor from a 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, backed up with a T-5 five speed. We fabricated a custom header to locate the turbo where we have room. The turbocharger will be an upgraded T3/T4 from Bo-Port.com along with a roller cam kit with larger valves, and some port work to the head. A front mount air to air intercooler was customized to fit below the grill opening behind the valance. The radiator is a generic Norther cooling radiator from Summit Racing, modified to mount in the stock location. A Vintage Air super flow condenser, was fitted and mounted to the front side of the radiator.

The Ramblers firewall design will not allow an a/c unit to be installed behind the dash, with out modification. The next issue is, the hood hinges mount in the same area I need to modify for the Vintage air unit. A hood hinge from a BMW 320i was narrowed to fit in the area of the radiator support. Along with some attaching points being added to the front structure of the hood, now the hood hinges from the front allowing the firewall to be modified as needed.

To mount the tilt steering column, the dash had to be modified. Moving the steering wheel 1 1/2 inches to the left to center up with the bucket seat. The gauge hole was then stretch to the left, to re-center it behind the wheel, and add room for the custom gauges to be installed later. A set of four A/C vents from a Jeep Liberty, will be mounted into the dash, one on each side and two in the center. We removed the pedal assembly from the T-bird that the motor and transmition came from for the brake and clutch. The bucket seats are from Pro Car, just a simple set of small low back seats.

Now, I'm back on the engine set up. I upgraded the turbo to a T3/T4 Garrett that will use an external waste gate. With the tight engine bay the waste gate had to be mounted on a pipe forward of the turbo, to fit into an area where there is space. I also built the down tube for the exhaust, and the link from the wastegate to the down tube. With the wastegate finished the header can be finish welded and set out for ceramic coating.

With the down tube located and fabricated. I was able to build a 2.5 inch stainless exhaust for the car. After looking over the floor pan and suspension layout, I chose to use a Magnaflow one in two out muffler. The Rambler floor was never intended to have dual exhaust, so any other mufflers would have hung below the rockers. I was able to fit this one behind the rearend, and in front of the fuel tank. The tail pipes dump behind the rear wheels, and just peak out from below the 1/4 panels.

I was forced to redesign the layout of the engine accessory. The A/C compressor would no longer fit in it's original location, due to the header. So I modified the compressor bracket to mount the alternator. I purchased a small chrome A/C compressor from March Performance, to fit under the throttlebody. I modified the old alternator brackets to carry the compressor. Then I fabricated a belt routing assembly to run a single serpentine belt to run them both.