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The car came in with an older re-paint, over all a solid near rust free car. The only major issues were the old style of body repair performed. Every panel had been repaired with a screw type slide hammer. The worst, was the left 1/4 panel with 35 plus holes, and major stretch to the metal. Second was the hood with major fatigue and a number of holes.

The interior was finished with factory style upholstery on the seats, and new carpet from Legendary. A custom machined billet horn and bull's-eye emblem, finished of a leather Jeep Wrangler steering wheel. 

A set of Cragar Eliminator wheels were chosen, to give the car the era correct look, with out a huge dent to the wallet. The wheel on the right is the way they're finished from Cragar. I sandblasted the inner spoke on the left wheel, to give it a sandcast look, small touch, that made a big difference.  

The left 1/4 panel was loaded with filler, covering up the 35+ holes. After removing all the filler, the lower rear showed a small amount of rust through. A reproduction outer patch panel and trunk floor close out panel were welded in, and all the holes were welded closed. Hours were spent shrinking and metal finishing, the entire 1/4 panel.

The hoods previous repair included nearly 1/2 inch of filler. Once it was removed, again a number of holes were exposed along with a lot of stretched metal. Again hours of shrinking and metal finishing were involved in saving the panel. Very few parts are reproduced for AMC's, and this hood was special since it had the factory mod pack scoops. 

The rear valance was the last of the majorly hacked panel. It is a panel they do reproduce, but since the car had all of its original panels, it was also saved. After hundreds of hours of welding and metal finishing no panel required anything more than a light skim coat of glaze.